Kick Ranch

Kick Ranch has become a “reference point” vineyard for Rhone varietal grapes in Sonoma County, as well as highly sought after sauvignon blanc grapes.  In 2016, Kick Ranch harvested its first cabernet sauvignon grapes from vineyard blocks replanted in 2014. The vineyard is on a beautiful hillside planted on historic land – a vineyard flourished there by 1880.

Many of our winery clients have released Kick Ranch vineyard designated wines. We are honored that so many wineries have chosen to make wines from Kick Ranch grapes. They also make some remarkable wines with grapes sourced from other vineyards. I encourage you to learn about each of these wineries and to buy and enjoy their wines! This page links you to all the wineries now buying Kick Ranch grapes.

You also can learn about wines made from Kick Ranch grapes by joining Cellar Tracker or reading reviews posted on this website about Kick Ranch wines.