The Family of Kick Ranch Winemakers

In many ways, Kick Ranch’s reputation has been built, and continues to be built, by the outstanding group of winemakers who have sought out its fruit over the years.

Since 2004, 69 wines with a Kick Ranch vineyard designate have received scores of 90 points or above from Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast and Steven Tanzer’s International Wine Cellars. A remarkable record.

We are very proud to have had the following winemakers choose Kick Ranch over the years:

*Robin Akhurst (Apsara, now Swanson)
*Glenn Alexander (Sanglier Cellars)
*Kale Anderson ( Kale Wines, Pahlmeyer)
*Megan Baccitich (Paul Hobbs Wines)
Russell Bevan ( Bevan Cellars)
*Les Behrens ( Behrens Family Wines)
Hugh Chappelle (Lynmar, now Quivira)
*Remi Cohen (Cliff Lede)
Jeff Cohn (JC Cellars, Rosenblum Cellars)
Shane Finley (Shane Wines, now Lynmar)
Bayard Fox (Renard)
*Jean- Noel Formeaux ( Chateau Potelle)
*Paul Hobbs (Paul Hobbs Wines)
*Ben Larks (Idle Cellars)
*Ehren Jordan (Aril, Failla )
Pax Mahle (Pax)
Chris Loxton (Loxton Cellars)
Denis Malbec (Capture)
*Francois Peschon (formerly Araujo)
*Jeff Pisoni ( Shared Notes)
*Bibiana Gonzales Rave (Shared Notes)
*Gerhard Reisacher (Delectus)
Kent Rosenblum (Rosenblum Cellars)
*Fred Scherrer (Scherrer Winery)
Christian Stark (Stark Wines)
Morgan Twain-Peterson (Bedrock)
*Kirk Venge ( Venge Vineyards, B Cellars, Bacio Davino, Beau Vigne, Hunnicutt)

*2015 Kick Ranch client

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