Vineyard Manager

Glenn Alexander

After years as a passionate wine consumer, Glenn Alexander had the opportunity to move to Sonoma County and purchase a vineyard. A native Texan who grew up farming row crops, his upbringing soon led him to pursue a “hands on” approach to managing his grapes.

He completed the viticulture program at Santa Rosa College, interned with Preston Vineyards, and worked closely with long time Sonoma County vineyard manager Arturo Robledo before founding Bacchus Vineyard Management in January 2004. The first year, Bacchus farmed six vineyards totaling thirty acres. Today, the company farms four hundred acres and manages fruit for some of Sonoma and Napa’s elite wineries.

“There are excellent farmers in Sonoma County, but we focused on providing an additional added value; solid business management tools. Budgets, plans, quantitative as well as qualitative analysis were made available to the grower and the winemaker. This enabled us to engage in a continuous improvement program with our clients.”

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