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Kick Ranch Welcomes the Hoo- Hoos to Sonoma County!
September 14, 2014

The International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo is one of the world’s oldest service organizations, organized in 1982. Membership is drawn from all aspects of the forest products industry.

Hoo-Hoo has a tradition of creating gatherings and the Hoo-Hoo International hold annual conventions in all sorts of interesting places. ┬áThis September the Black Bart Hoo-Hoo chapter #181 is sponsoring the Hoo-Hoo international Convention in Santa Rosa. ┬áLocal Hoo-Hoo chapter board member Ren Reinke, who lives next to Kick Ranch, asked Dick and Kathy if they could have dinner in the vineyard. We’re delighted that the Hoo-Hoos will be dining and enjoying fine wines from Kick Ranch September 15!

With a name like Hoo-Hoo, this group knows how to party. Watch for photos!