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Harvest in Full Swing at Kick Ranch!
September 14, 2014

An early start for harvest at Kick Ranch —the source for Overland Wines and many other premium Napa and Sonoma wineries.

On August 20, we began harvest, with harvest of our Sauvignon Blanc grapes for the small artisan wineries that keep rising the profile of Kick Ranch.  Shared Notes, Paul Hobbs, Behrens, Delectus, Bevan and Overland. We harvested grenache grapes for rose a week later and harvest viognier grapes on August 29.

Our first syrah harvest was on September 12 for Aril Winery in Napa.
By comparison, in 2013 Overland harvested SB grapes on 9/9, 20 days later and Sanglier harvested Viognier grapes, 15 days later.